PSR 2007/2013
Reg. CE n. 1698/2005, art. 15
Mis. 211 212 e 215

Reg. CE n. 834/2007

Oct. 9th 2007 LaW G.U. n.243 Oct. 18th 2007

Studio Cingolani
was born in 2000 in Orvieto and, since then, professionally works in the agricultural consultant field to offer their best knowledges.
Our Firm competences interest and satisfy all those needs requested for techincal-economic matters, as well as for forest, environmental and food fields.
Our professional activity mainly deals with territorial researches, ecological planning, green areas planning, (mainteinance and new implants), degraded areas recover, community regulations, land register and topographic surveys.
Our work is also dedicated to professional training and it invests in the Umbria region environment, as well as in the national one. Thank to the precious collaboration with external collaborators, our Firm supplies to our clients a multiple fields technical assistance, experience, courtesy and professionality.


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