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The Cingolani Studio was born in Orvieto in 2000, and since then has been operating with seriousness and preparation in the sector of agricultural consultancy , to offer the rural sector a new and better professionalism.
The study's skills concern and satisfy all the technical and economic assistance needs required by the agricultural sector , but also environmental, forestry and agri-food .
Professional activity mainly deals with territorial investigations , ecological planning, design of green areas (maintenance and new plants), recovery of degraded areas, Community Regulations and topographic and cadastral surveys .
The activity carried out, also dedicated to professional training, affects not only the Umbrian regional area in which it operates, but also the entire national territory.
Thanks to the precious collaboration of numerous external professionals, the Firm provides its customers with multidisciplinary technical assistance, experience, courtesy and professionalism.



Territory Management, Thematic Cartography and Photointerpretation and Ecological Studies


Technical consultancy, quality control, regulations and cadastral practices


Expertise and Accounting

Our Works

Società Agricola Antinori

Castello della Sala

Cantina Covio


Società Agricola Custodi


Società Agricola Salceta


Azienda Agricola Sensi


L.C.F.M Orvieto


Gruppo Italiano Vini



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Alberto Cingolani

Per.Agr. Alberto Cingolani (Holder)

Rural Development and Estimates

Per.Agr. Giovanni Lanzi

Per.Agr. Giovanni Lanzi

Technical and Commercial Manager

Giovanna Cossu

Giovanna Cossu

Administrative Manager

Dott.ssa Nicoletta Fossati

Dott.ssa Nicoletta Fossati

Vineyard Renovations and Rural Development

Dott.Mechelli Ludovico

Dott.Mechelli Ludovico

Vineyard Renovations and Rural Development

Catiuscia Ricci

Catiuscia Ricci

Biological and Uma

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